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Benefits of working with affiliates
One of the biggest benefits of becoming a ClickBank provider is the ability to access our active affiliates. Many sellers are asking themselves: “How much did I pay?” when it comes to using affiliates. Some sellers don’t like the idea of ​​sharing commissions for their products. After all, you are committed to creating products. Why do you want to give most of your sales to a member?

The reason is that the federated network is a very effective channel that you can use to increase product visibility and increase revenue. Many of our branches are mature, with a large audience or high advertising budget. Whether it’s through mailing lists, blogs, paid advertising or social media, they can reach out to the audience who are looking to buy the products they send back. The affiliate network is one of the most profitable forms of advertising on the market because you only pay commissions to affiliates when sales are successful. You don’t need to pay per click or advance.

You can set a commission percentage for your account. After the ClickBank charge, the affiliates that make the sale will receive a percentage of this revenue.

Although you can set the commission percentage you choose, we recommend that you pay generously for the commission. Because affiliates pay only for successful sales, they are sensitive to the potential rewards of their investments.

You can define different commissions for a specific product or subsidiary, not the commission rate for the entire account.

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