Send Clickbank Product Emails To Your Subscribers To Achieve Sales

Email Clickbank products to your subscribers for sale

You can also provide additional information to display in the Marketplace:

Categories and subcategories of your market: The type of product your account provides. Many subsidiaries focus on specific product types. Therefore, it is important to specify the appropriate categories and subcategories.
Commission Rate – The basic commission rate for your account.
Association Tool URL – The page you create to provide a graphic, copy, or other tool to an affiliate.
Alliance Support Email – The email address that affiliates can use to contact you.

Note – There can only be one market list per account. If you want to have multiple lists, consider opening multiple accounts. When submitting a product approval request, enter the comments section of the account you already have, enter an alias for your account, and we will send you a discount sales link.

Supplier overview is a simple and effective way to provide more information directly to the affiliates from the market.

Vendor Focus provides a platform through which you can learn more about your affiliate products and products, including your statistics, customer ads, and show you your membership image. You can also recommend other accounts, either your own or other trusted providers that affiliates can promote. This allows you to communicate with your affiliates more effectively than ever before! The most interesting feature of vendor focus is that you can post announcements to customers about upcoming products, product changes, recommendations and resources for effective product promotion, and other important information and information.

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