The Most Important Steps And Precautions For Messenger Marketing

Three important rules for leveraging Facebook Messenger marketing in your relationship

Messenger Messenger Increase: China Case Study

We will replace e-mail, website, phone, SMS as the primary means for companies to communicate with customers. It will not be “just another channel”.

It will be a channel.

And if you are skeptical of this, please look at China where this exact thing is already happening.

But I accomplished more than that.

In many cases, WeChat actually replaced all websites. Many Chinese bloggers are turning to WeChat as a major content distribution channel that has produced a large number of readers without adding a conventional blog.

Did you mention that there is a sample of income that replaces cash and credit cards for the most part? WeChat Pay is located in various parts of China. You can use it for purchase at a physical store or electronic store, order a taxi, a movie ticket, or purchase a drink from a vending machine.

Such statistics are very cool. Because we can catch a glimpse of what we can do in the rest of the world. Combining all the possibilities of Facebook, rich data and targeting options will all appear on your profile …

I can tell you why the future of messenger marketing is very exciting.

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